Katelin + Aubrey’s wedding weekend at the Pinecrest Chalet, in the California Sierras was a forest Wedding dream. What I can say, every time I look through photos from K+A’s day, I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear. The energy + love these two ladies have inside of them radiates out + into those in their presence. Their friends + family traveled up from Southern California with them for a weekend of relaxing + celebrating in Pinecrest. The Pinecrest Chalet is a beautiful location for an all outdoor wedding, which was important for K+A, also that all of their guest were able to stay with them. The Chalet has the cutest cabins to rent out .

Katelin + Aubrey got ready in separate cabins and met for their first look. Every time we chatted they kept saying how excited they were for their first look, they planned it all + even picked out the spot together! Their dad’s walked them into the first look, Aubrey was waiting on the other side of a creek, by path of a fallen tree that Katelin so gracefully walked across like the badass that she is. After their first look, K+A wandered further up the hill into the woods and took some time just the two of them, to take it all in. Emerging from the forest, first as tiny specks in the landscape was quite the grand entrance into their ceremony. One of their close friends married them + A’s reaction after their first kiss is the greatest.

They celebrated through out the evening hanging out with everyone, had multiple campfires going as the night cooled down, and dancing to keep warm! It was a beautiful October evening, their speeches were candid, which was neat, and very heart felt. One message that stands out from K’s brother’s speech, along the lines of, growing up they were kids that never quite fit in, but when Katelin met Aubrey it felt as if she finally had her place, and it was so apparent this is who her person was.  

Rustic Alternative Wedding at Pinecrest Chalet

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