Work From Home – 7 daily habits to a better work-life balance

The other day, I realized that I’ve worked from home full time for a year now and part-time since I graduated from College (six years ago!) Being an Enneagram Nine, I’ve struggled with the not being held accountable part and have had to learn what helps me accomplish my work and be the boss of myself + my business.

You are more than likely working from home these next couple of months, while our country tackles COVID-19, so I wanted to share some tips that have really helped me.

1 – Shower in the morning and get dressed

I know everyone is saying this, but it really is a game-changer. There still are the days I’m like “I’ll just make coffee and get to work” – living in yoga pants and an oversized sweater. The days I actually get dressed there is a noticeable shift in my energy + productivity.

2 – 20 minutes Meditating or Journaling

You are commuting from the kitchen to your desk space right now, so take this extra time in your morning to connect with yourself. I love the Headspace App – they have meditations for all parts of your day or finding the energy you need whether it be finding focus, letting go of work stress or a happy mood boost.

3 – Having a dedicated office space

I had a desk in my room for years and finally made myself a dedicated work area last year. Mentally it has helped me be in work mode – I always used to have the TV on which was such a distraction too.

If you don’t have an extra bedroom that’s okay, maybe just set up desk space in the corner of your living room or near a window!

4 – Time blocking

This is my newest addition and it’s been working amazing when I stick to it. I started using the Pomodoro Technique for Time Management  – where I work in blocks of 25 minutes with no distractions – checking social or my email and then I get a 5 minute break. Usually go to the bathroom, refill my water or step outside to soak in 4 minutes of Vitamin D.

Tip – I downloaded Focus Me – a Google Chrome Extension as my timer. 

5 – Turn your phone to silent and put it in another room

When I actually do this I get so much more work done. They say every time you pick up your phone it takes 10 minutes to fully refocus on what you were working on.

6 – Eat lunch outside

Weather permitting of course. I live in good ole California so I am able to do this most days. I also don’t take my phone with me, just a book and read one chapter.

7 – Take a 30-minute walk in the late afternoon

You’ve been home all day – probably sitting for most of that time. Even though 4 or 5 pm is not the end of my workday typically, I really enjoy taking Hudson(my pup) on a walk, stretching out my legs and giving my eyes and mind a break from the screen. 

While I’m still mastering getting this ALL into a daily routine, I’ve been incorporating them in for months, and they’ve really helped me. I hope at least one does the same for you!

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