Northern California Photographer // Friday Fives

Friday Fives is going to be a new thing around here, and I’m really excited to be sharing my five favorite things with you each week, anything from Camping spots to Hiking and rad locations we can check out.

This week I’m starting off with the Five things I’m loving right now. We are in week 12 of stay at home orders here in Northern California and I’m starting to find the appreciation for this time, even though it is not ideal. I’m thankful to have a safe place to hang out during this time and a roof over my head.

1. Communication – It’s been so neat to connect more with friends because we all “have the time”. While I wish it could be in person, phone chats and zooms are part of the day to day. I’ve always been more of a phone person rather than texting and I hope we can all keep this up to some extent when this is all said and done.

2. Presence – Well over a month ago, I chose the word ‘Present’ in my dear friend Amy’s Yoga Embodiment Series and have kept it in my thoughts each day to be more intentional with my time and and what I’m consuming.

3. Reading – with the intention to find more time to present each day, I’ve turned my apps off a lot and using my ‘me time’ to read instead of scrolling. I’m a sucker for Business and Mindset books – do you have any books you love? I’ve got a goal of reading 25 books by the end of the year and I’m only 2 down.

4. Extra puppy time – I’ve worked the majority of Hudson’s six years from home, but SIP orders having me spending day after day with Huds – no traveling. We are both loving it and now enjoy happy hour daily on the back patio.

5. Backyard camping – I had to cancel a couple of spring trips, which was a total bummer but Huds and I have almost permanently moved out to our tent the last 3 months. There’s something so refreshing about waking up outside.

With that said, next week I’ll be sharing my favorite camping spots in California!

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