Motorcycle Engagement Photos // Sarah + Sam

 Rad Moto Couple, Engagement Session

Sarah and I have been Friendors (Wedding Industry Vendor – Friends) for quite some time! Side Note- If you are looking for badass Wedding Signage. She’s your gal! When she asked me to photograph her and Sam’s day I was beyond honored! They mentioned engagement photos weren’t really their thing so they didn’t need them. Months went by and a little idea sparked in my head – I’ve photographed motocross for years + they have a motorcycle + I’ve always wanted to do an engagement session with one. So I asked if they would be down for some non-traditional engagement photos, and they were all in from the moment I presented it. I’m so stoked at this point! AND THEN, Sarah has the idea to hand paint her leather jacket! (I blogged the behind the scenes last week!) In all it’s glory, enjoy this RAD session we created together as a team!

Leather Jacket // Sarah of Arrow Art Studio

+ shout out to their friend Ryan who tagged along and let me ride on the back of his bike for some shots!


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