Lauren + Nick // Santa Cruz Engagement Session // Natural Bridges State Beach

Young love, and two old souls make for a beautiful story. These two hold each other a little tighter for they’ve held each other up through the hardest time life can throw at you. They came out stronger, deeper in love, and more beautiful. Lauren is the sweetest little lady, who I’ve known for quite a few years now and I’m so happy she found a man to hold her tight and make her glow.

We enjoyed the evening wandering though the meadows in West Cliff, catching up on life, chatting about wedding planning, and laughing over every giant mud puddle we encountered on the trails and how we were going to get around it. As the sun got lower we took a short drive down to Natural Bridges State Beach, where we stayed until the sun dropped below the horizon and that beautiful after sunset light came out, I couldn’t say “oh, one more shot!” again (because aren’t they just so natural and sweet!), and there was no light left in the day. Nick and Lauren, you share a beautiful love, that so many wish to have at our age and it only means one thing, you two have each other for a little longer than most. Enjoy all the places life takes you, I know you will. 

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